Mission Statement

Graduation Express will provide students exceptional support through increased awareness of available resources.

Is Graduation Express For Me?

Graduation Express is for you if ...

  • If you began your studies in 2007 or 2008
    • For 2007 Students who completed 90 or more credit hours
    • For 2008 Students who completed 80 or more credit hours
    • For 2009 Students who completed 70 or more credit hours

How Do I Get Started?

You can get on track for graduation in three easy steps:

  1. Review the University's Undergraduate Requirements
  2. Set up a meeting with your college Academic Advisor.
  3. Call your college advisement department to discuss being placed on a pending graduation list.
  4. Join our Graduation Express Facebook Pagefor announcements, deadlines, and incentives.

Why is Graduation Important?

There are many good reasons to graduate. Perhaps the most important consideration is financial; every study about education and how it relates to income shows that there is a strong correlation between the level of your education and how much money you can earn once you are out of school. Employers also see dedication to finishing a degree as a good sign that you are a reliable potential employee, and a good investment. In short, college graduates are more employable and earn more money than non-graduates. Additionally, completing an undergraduate degree opens up opportunities for graduate study; and as you might suspect, having an advanced degree further enhances your earning potential. Setting aside tangible benefits, completing college and graduating with a degree allows you to work in a field that you love, and fills you with a sense of pride and accomplishment. You have come so far already, don't give up now!

About Graduation Express

The Graduation Express is a new initiative with the overall goal of increasing graduation rates, by helping students get connected to the university and to other students.

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UNM Graduation Homepage

Learn About Graduation

Follow the link above for information on all things related to graduation, including dates and locations, ordering announcements and caps and gowns.

Financing Your Education

Finances are a very crucial and stressful part of every University Experience. We can offer help with our Financial Aid Resources